Metabolic Effect Nutrition Seminar Level 2

The Metabolic Effect Hormonal Fat Loss Nutrition Seminar 2 is designed for those who have already taken the Online Hormonal Fat Loss Nutrition Level 1 Seminar.
This course takes off on the advanced topics of the previous course and delves deeper into the science behind fat loss and endocrinology. The advanced science of cell membranes, hormone receptors, gut hormone physiology and hormone-hormone interaction are covered. This course starts with a high level overview of the fat burning physiology and then quickly drills down to the in-depth advanced science practitioners need to know to help their clients. The course includes 11 of the Metabolic Effect fat loss protocols used by Dr Jade & Keoni in their clinic to deal with PCOS, menopause, female specific lower body fat loss, carb tipping and diet cycling, advanced fasting protocols and more.

While anyone interested can sign-up for the course, the topics discussed involve advanced nutritional science and fat loss topics. This course is designed for the advanced fat loss coach and serves as the certifying course work for the Metabolic Effect Nutritional Consultant Level 2. Topics covered include:

  • Advanced concept in fat gain, fat loss and muscle gain
  • Supplements for fat loss
  • Advanced protocols in unlocking the metabolic formula
  • Advanced cycling diets and hormone interactions
  • Advanced diet, exercise and food timing and combinations
  • Advanced Q&A with Dr. Jade Teta
  • Advanced menopausal and female specific fat loss strategies
  • Body part targeting for stubborn fat loss
  • Advanced supplementation practices to aid hunger, cravings, energy, muscle gain, and performance
  • Advanced GI correction (The 4R program)
  • Thyroid & Adrenal Support
  • And more……….


What is the format & timing?
Self-paced webinar format.  Five 1 hour video lectures streamed online.

Due to the nature of this program, we will be unable to offer any refunds.


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