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Stubborn fat is different than other types of fat and therefore requires a different approach to remove it. This program teaches you the specific program we use at the Metabolic Effect clinic to burn the stubborn fat around the hips, butt, thighs, belly and love handles. There is a big difference between deep visceral fat (the stuff that gives you a pot belly) and superficial subcutaneous fat (the fat found just underneath your skin). In order to burn the fat associated with stubborn areas, you need to know this difference. As you know, we don't do gimmicks at Metabolic Effect.

This program will teach you the exact diet, exercise, supplement and lifestyle strategies we use to tighten and tone the lower body, belly fat and enhance the strength and resiliency of the collagen associated with lower body fat (the real cause of cellulite).

Here is what you get:

  • The science behind stubborn fat and how to burn it
  • why women get cellulite, who is most prone to it, why men don't get it and preventive approaches to keep from getting it, reduce its appearance and directly treat it.
  • The specific diet approach we prescribe to our elite fitness model clients to speed fat loss from the stubborn fat areas
  • The exercise approach that provides the greatest hormonal fat burning advantage to belly and lower body fat.
  • The specific movements and activities that tighten the collagen structure of the lower body
  • The supplement regime that specifically targets the hips, butt, thighs of females and the belly and love-handles of men and women.
  • The spa and medical treatments that may work to assist fat loss.
  • The correct way to assess fat loss and body change.
  • Our signature method of turning you into a metabolic fat loss detective so the results stay for a lifetime.

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